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Burglaries and safety in the home is a serious issue, thats why at AP Security Liverpool and north west we work with the Local Police, Councils, Schools and Residents to ensure we are all updated with Latest Crime Issues and Preventative Measures. We understand that the security of of your home is not something to take lightly, installing security equipment is one part of it, but we want to help our customers with further help and advice.

Make simple changes to your homes which are low cost and in most cases FREE, for example securing your fences and gate and locking away your tools and equipment helps to prevent an intruder from entering your home. You may be surprised how many burglaries occur from intruders using items left by the owner, alarmingly in some cases this can also effect any insurance claims for damaged or stolen property.

Front Garden, Make sure your garden is organised, secured and any items are locked or hidden away. Consider using gravel for driveways, keep cars and expensive motor equipment locked inside. Have IR detection security alarms fitted and it is advisable to have all milk or paper deliveries cancelled if you know you will be away from the property as this is a tell tale sign of an empty house

Gates, wooden gates offer easy access for intruders and easy to climb so enquire about high rise metal gates with anti climb features and locks. In many cases, if burglars cannot climb then they tear down the wooden gates, by having metal gates prevent this and make more trouble for intruders. Check with your council about permission needed for gates and height restrictions.

Fences, the back garden is one of the most vulnerable parts of your home and one that is ignored by many home owners. Fences can be enhanced with barbed wire and you can also raise the height of them making it harder for intruders to climb over. Check with your council about permission needed for gates and height restrictions.

Garden Tools, Always try to hide away all garden tools, ladders and equipment. Burglars don’t like carrying equipment and they feed of anything you may leave behind. On their first inspection of your garden, they may be deterred by a number of aspects, this being one of them.

Garden Sheds & Garages, Extremely popular with burglars and often a soft target for many burglaries, the high value in todays market for garden mowers, trimmers, bikes and many other expensive items means they are targeted. Fix heavy duty doors, frames and locks onto your doors. Speak to us about which type of padlocks, hasps or padbolts we recommend and have tried and tested.

Protect your home with a range of our great value security systems. Protect your home with AP Securiry CCTV, Intruder Burglar Alarm System, Parameter Control, Access Door Entry System or Bespoke Home Alternation Security Systems. With the economy worsening the need to protect your home is more evident and with the latest police reports on crime and burglary rate security is no longer an accessory but a necessity. Our AP Security alarms can be programmed to contact the user’s mobile phone in an emergency or following an alarm event and you can watch your home from anywhere anytime through a smartphone through the AP Security Remote Access CCTV Systems.

We can ensure your home is protected as best as it can be, we will supply and fit all your security and safety needs. We can Supply and Install your Fire Alarms, Security Doors, Safes and have specialist touch/voice access systems installed in your home. You no longer need to manage different companies for to feel safe, ONE CompanyONE Number, 24 Hours a Day.

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