How do I secure my flat or appartment?

Many of us in live in areas with Communal Entrances in Liverpool and north west that leave us feeling vulnerable and concerned at night about what security aspects of our apartments or flats could be improved.

Not everything is expensive, we work with the Local Police and Management Companies to give advice on how to reduce burglaries, we feel so strongly that we need to share our experience and knowledge with you even if your not sure about buying any security products from us.

Burglars will often look to target high rise flats as it is more easier to gain entrance and access through communal entrances, some of which have very poor security. Once inside they feel they are less likely to raise suspicion, however we have some great tips to make sure your door is one the burglar firmly decides to walk away from…

  • Purchase strong doors and good quality locks
  • PVCu and good quality aluminum doors have multi-lock systems, use them and make it a habit
  • Buy a good quality letter box shield, this prevents hands inside or key fishing
  • Fit hinge bolts to outward opening doors
  • Have a door viewing hole and never open the door when the person on the other side is not in sight
  • Patio doors and balcony doors should have at least 3 locking points
  • Audio Intruder Alarms are fantastic for scaring the potential burglar away
  • Lighting with detection sensors are cheap and very good

Burglars all hate to be seen, anything that raises awareness to others or makes them feel like they will most likely be seen makes them feel vulnerable and extremely unlikely to attempt to burgle your home.

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