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We provide Commercial Security Solutions and Maintenance in Liverpool and north west, understanding the needs to harness your operational efficiency. This is why we are able to offer reliable, efficient and the peace of mind of knowing your business is being managed by one of the Liverpool and north west’s top Security Companies, Digital Technology Solutions Limited. Whether your a Financial and Banking Organization, Transport and Logistics Company or Facilities Management Company, Get in touch with us today for FREE Quote and Survey.

The reality is if the disturbance and loss of earning is not hard enough to deal with then the thought of dealing with lawyers, legal fees and staff for recovery of losses or compensation claims can be even more frightening. With AP Security Liverpool and north west, we ensure you are compliant with your policies and have the peace of mind that should you ever suffer from security issues then your protected.

Providing a great deterrent to thieves, burglaries, storing evidence, should you ever become a victim, is a powerful tool against the sophisticated burglars of today. Our professional engineers are able to help, not forgetting the security issues you may face from within your company.

Benefits of using our Commercial Security solutions:

  • Security & Surveillance 24/7 for your business accessible remotely from anywhere
  • Recorded evidence of all occurrences that may take place in HD with Infrared technology
  • Acts as a deterrent for internal theft or fraud by employees
  • Protect your staff against anti-social behaviur and verbal abuse from attackers

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Our clients include companies in the transport, leisure, and retail sectors